Friday, September 11, 2015

The Big Blue

Oh Alhamdulillah. Everything I have today I owe it to Allah.

Couple of days ago I was being informed that I GOT it! Alhamdulillah.

It is just so miracle. 4 months waiting. They changed their HR and so on. Position was frozen also...I was so down as you know.

Only Allah could have done this. His love for me. Thank you Allah.

So now, it's just a matter of signing the letter and determining the date.

Gila kau, ni adalah 1 opportunity yang sangat tak di sangka and will be good for my portfolio. All I need to do now is to work hard and do my utmost.

I am coming BIG BLUE!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Just some updates..

It has been 5 rounds of interview so far. 

First was with Europe region, then US, then NZ, then back to Auz then back to NZ. The last interview was quite hard. It is based on situational. The previous interviews only require me to briefly explained on my past experiences. 

Today is supposed to be the decision whether I will get the position. The reason to wake up amongst other reasons.  

But now I am in doubt. There is still no news. Lemau dah ni.

On another note, I am not sure why this one makcik has been using my name to get her name on top of chart. Have never met anyone that has pretty face with so much bad intention in her heart. Be thankful that you have a wonderful asset that Allah gave you. You do not need to make you feel much better by dragging my names. I do not have a lovely face I only have good ethics in work! So let me have those. What is your problem?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Excuse me for thinking out loud!

I know my strengths definitely....

But when you are at loss, sometimes people around you can talk positively about you and only you can't believe what they said about you ie. the other day a friend said that I am very good at IT and marketing through internet. really? I do not think so. I am quite a loser on that.

And another ex-vendor felt strongly I am very good at marketing - I asked myself, since when? To the point he has faith in me that he wanted me to join him or to market his product part time if I can't join him. I do not know what is wrong with me, I just either picky or on the mode of "nothing works for me" right now. kan? All I can think of right now is to seek for a permanent job with GREAT benefits and hopefully I will enjoy my job. I am not sure if that is the right attitude I should be having right now. That is what I want, I have those strong wish in my head.

I know I am definitely good and very good at something. But for a long months, I felt I am just a loser. I only good at talking maybe?

I can't get over this stage I guess.

I have been assessing what to do in case I need to quit all of sudden. I do not feel comfortable not doing something exciting.

1. Selling product - LAZZ kurma susu kambing because I strongly believe all sunnah product will be good for my children will be good for other's children.

or; cosmetic product because I think lately my complexion is much better after I use this products and it definitely an improvement from my ugly phase. I do not know what was I thinking haha.

So I was thinking selling products that I like may works for me?

2. As a runner - maybe I should just be a driver since I do not have much capital to start a business. Maybe my services should just range from picking up the elderly, do groceries, pickup school children etc. Geez I do not know.

3. Or maybe I should stick with my profession as project manager. But do it as part time or by contract. I can do for some small work like monitoring house renovation, paid by hour or so. My motivation other than anything else is so I get flex time to be at home with my children.

And I was thinking since my husband is doing some accounting services work, maybe I should build from that. It might not give us the salary that I have right now but at least it will give me more time to nurture my children.

There. I think I feel strongly for no2 and no3. I need more brainstorming and how to do about it in a structured way. So I can still pay my bills.

I kind of lost faith and interest with my current job. I do not believe it is going to bring me anywhere esp. in resolving all my debts.. on the other side, being employed full time I will enjoy the employer contribution in epf lah. also the insurance and medicals.

Entahlah.. I am still at loss but better from the last few months. At least I know where I am going. Only the execution part is nerve wrecking. Will it work? Can I still pay for my bills and debts?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's move on!

Selepas setengah hari depress... I spent half a day applying for new jobs. Then quickly check email if I got lucky. Nothing.

Life has to move on kan. Takkan nak nangis...Sometimes Allah makes us wait for something that is better than what we wanted.


Spent another half day...kept thinking what to do next..

It's not the best feeling ever. I feel nervous, scared and many other things.

The only thought I have is how to pay my debt. It is half of my salary right now. How do I do this in case I lose my job.

Then I stumble into this blog. I like what this blogger wrote. Here is the excerpt.

Prinsip #4: Bina pendapatan kedua.
Libatkan diri dalam bisnes, tapi bukan skim-skim ‘bisnes’. Anggap gaji tu sebagai duit untuk hidup bulan-bulan, dan bisnes sebagai sumber untuk tambahkan simpanan. Simpan hasil bisnes 100%. Kalau nak guna pun, jangan lebih 50%! Duit hasil bisnes memang terbukti mempercepatkan kami bebas dari hutang, alhamdulillah.
Second income penting sebagai ‘backup’ income utama, dan untuk tambahkan simpanan. Azizi Ali, Pakar Kewangan Peribadi sarankan setiap orang perlu ada second income.
Itu jer lah rahsianya. Cari sampai hujung dunia sekalipun, inilah rahsianya. Beza antara orang berjaya dengan orang biasa-biasa ialah mereka TAKE ACTION!

            Read more:

So, walaupun aku tau aku kena buat business, tapi aku tak pernah terfikir nak buat structured macam dia tulis. Good. At least aku dah ada idea sikit. Ok aku ada rasa confident dah. Ok adios, I need to do some reading.. mereka kata nak business boleh tapi kena ada ilmu.. orang malas macam aku ni susah la nak berjaya kan. tu yang kena sikit dah nervous.  


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hit rock bottom

I tried to be as calm as possible.

I tried to change how I handle things. For years, when I faced with challenges, I will talk about it again and again, until I can think of something. Apparently that makes others felt uncomfortable.

So for the sake of improvement, I tried to leave it to Allah, tried to push it away while hoping it will resolve on its own. Of course along the way I am trying as hard as possible to change my future.. tried also with solat sunat though I must admit, it might not be done fully hearted or not with the sincerity. I took it for granted that Allah will help me to resolve and give me the best things and the best solutions.

And it has been almost 2 months now and I still do not have any good news.

My analysis. Maybe Allah wants to train me.

1. Do not take things for granted
2. I have to work harder to convince HIM that I really want this so bad
3. I must put a sincere faith in HIM
4. Allah wants to train me to be in a humble position and only in this state I remember him the most.

It bothers me when I could not control the situation I became so sad. Of course when I had this feeling, I tried to think of a friend who had just lost her mum. That is irreversible. It is more real than my problem. You could not make your mum live again and that is a fact and something you cannot control. and the feeling of this loss is of course MORE terrible than the feeling of mine right now.

But does that make me feel better? in a way yes, but I still feel crappy.

Since I can't talk about it to any friends but dalam rasa nak meletop (because it is not my nature to keep something inside) at the same time I do not want to bore people with my problem, I decided.. ok let's put it down in my blog. I hope it will make this crappy feeling go away for good.

Pasrahlah. Redhalah.

What's up actually?

Do you have 1 mole that always bother you even though you are not bothering her? I have one and I dun understand. She has the pretty face, the heights, slim and all. maybe she doesn't have the talent or better brain than mine but still, you might want pretty face than a good brain kan? If I were her, I will be thankful that I have a pretty face and not so talented coz you can fool people with your pretty face act macam boleh kerja kan?

So, why does she needs to use my name in her performance appraisal or in all her other "case studies" aka sesi mengumpat when she talked to other people? Though I am not her first victim, why am I her target anyway??? I have the answer, because she needs to do that so she looks better comparatively. I just refused to understand why she needs to do that because I do not do this dirty things. Whether you are talented or you performed, it is all within your means. why dragged others into your performance.

So I decided she is not my friend at all and stop layan her crap and the best move ever is not to talk to her again. I am hoping that will stop her from misquoting what I said and give her rooms to "convey" what I said to others.

Wrong. she did not give up. She observed even though she is not looking... she reports what I did or what I didn't. Best talent she has is .."convincing story telling". ehh malas nya layan. Lantaklah sana if you want to assume or you are the one who think this or that. I don't really care.

So after ignoring her and stop talking to her pun tak jalan, I plan to quit the job. I wish and wish she never sit near to me. It did not happen apparently. Selagi I am associated with her mungkin selagi tu asyikla dia nak menggunakan nama I sebagai contoh macamana dia lebih baik dari I.. aahh cheapnya. So the best plan is to quit the plan and find another job so I could never have to see her and manage the damage she did using my names. Malas ok. Banyak lagi masalah dunia lain boleh fikir. Setakat kerja, boleh jer tukar. The job also has reach its end of life, I have to move on. So the time is just right.

So here comes the problems yang paling I tak boleh control. I COULD NOT FIND A NEW JOB.


I attended few interviews with big organizations. And now I do not know how to move forward, looking at her on daily basis killed me. I have so much hatred but I could not say it to her face. I have a lot to say and most of it not a nice words and I have been keeping it inside. I am not that type. I am an outspoken person and keeping things inside is just not me. I am doing it for the sake of self improvement and tried to be a good muslim lah konon. I tried to forgive but macam tak ikhlas jer.. sebab still perasaan tu ada jer dalam belakang kepala ni ha. So dari dosa baiklah belah. Nak suruh dia yang belah, boleh ker? tak boleh kan?

So I do not know.. why Allah still have not send me HIS help. I know He will soon but this waiting game is killing me literally. I no longer want to go to work. I am sick always. or the situation makes me creating sickness but I feel I am sick on daily basis.

Or is it because I tried so hard to be someone I am not? Should I just give her one tight slap? As long as I am happy?

So moving on to 2nd alternative. Do own business rather than get disappointed with no job offer.

And so I did the brainstorming with my friends...


I am quite worried, I still do not know if it can pays the bill.

"ACTlah do not continue worrying"... I told myself.

I felt I macam nak pengsan. You build your career, you attended this training that training, and then it came down to this. sapa pun tak offer kerja and you are not good enough to start on your own. negativenya...

but I need to write this negative down so it will come out from my blood and stay in this blog forever.

Today, I would like to remember that I hit the rock bottom and the above is my exact thoughts. Sekian.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Show unit concept

Just to reminisce all the concepts and ideas... and for the lack of photos in this blog...I add some photos from the past. The show unit of a house.

What I enjoy to see...

 Master bedroom... the inspiration for the study table...

 Master bedroom different angle. I love that window 2 panel side by side in a corner.. in love with it.. woke up and what a lovely space and sight... agree?

This simple bedroom, I do not heart any of that. it is like plug and play...something I can do today with minimum budget.

 Kid's room... I think mine is nicer than this hihi.. perasan! but really... if i tidied up a bit wd be better... I heart that orange carpet though!...

 I never like the living room concept so I must say, i prefer mine .. i mean my design and concept still in my head, not yet able to do, but i can beat this...if i have money hehehehe...

I heart the carpet though. I can't find that design yet... I almost forgotten about the divider near the entrance but it make the whole sitting area small kan? I love BIG sitting room with no TV. So guest can just focus on the talking and catching up. I like that.

My children asked me the other day "why we do not have TV in our living room?"

My answer,
1. So my sofa will be all white and new for 2 more years at least...otherwise you all will sleep, eat and fight here... and then you all get too comfortable you all will watch TV allllll dayyyy....
2. Living room is a sitting area where we and guest or you and me can face each other and focus on a topic to talk. not TV as a tool to start a conversation... rightt? Of course I'm right, I am your mum. huhu....
3. I also think about the future, religion, and death (all this connected in my vision). I really do not like it bila pegi ziarah rumah orang meninggal, I saw TV in the living room, for some reason jenazah always being put next/infront/side of the TV of living room in Malaysia memang cenggitu lah jugak, the heart of the house.... I feel it is so inappropriate though, and sad...Dun ask me why but this feeling is my feeling.... So I want to make my living room clean, to be appropriate for any event.... and furniture can be easily removed too....
4. My last reason, I betul tak suka bila guest atau orang2 yang lebih tua sedang duduk bercerita di living room, budak2 sibuk nak on tv tengok cartoon, very distracting, So I like to channel the kids to TV area, either in the kitchen where they eat and watch on their own and start their own conversation or TV area upstairs where they can be farrrr awayyy from orang tua bersembang yang kadang x-rated, kadang rahsia besar, masalah negara atau masalah keluarga... bila dah habis cerita nak balik baru panggil turun...... gitewwwwww.....

Update after so long!

Almost a year?

no? yes?

Sorry for those seeking this blog trying to find updates or infos, i have been demotivated ever since I ran out of budget to work on the house hehe..

The blog is supposed to discuss about other projects too but I guess my passion is more on the house so I get distracted for months.

So...what is new and how is it after 2 years plus now? coming to 2.5 years living in Pajam.

1. Pajam and the house

a) The bau thing - still there once in a while however it became a lot less, we have peaceful makan2 and kenduri and I do hope with so many complaints that the community made lama2 akan hilang.. see i told you. Problems do get solved even if it takes yearssssssss... but Malaysia is like that, we learnt to be patient kan....

b) lalat - i dah berbulan2 tak masak but last week i ada lah masak sikit pergi pasar sikit, memang kurang dah lalat tu...infact i tak nampak sekor lalat pun weekend lepas , musim hujan kot?...yang mengannoykan diri i ialah lipas sekarang ni....

c) Pajam Development service - taklah perfect, tapi mereka masih layan la gak walaupun tak ada warranty dah... kalau i complaint dinding i tu magic boleh serap air ..... sampai banjir living room. so mereka datanglah lepas dah remind 2 atau 3 kali.... dan 2 atau 3 weekend nanti datanglah dia..
I am adapting to the culture, tak ada nak cepat2 sangat... slow and steady nanti dia datang jugak, asal datang i happy.... huhu..

d) quality of the house... I am still thankful for the house.. appreciate the design, the  bedrooms etc.. tapi pintu2 toilet, pintu belakang kena hujan or air... kembang.... so... i am waiting for another budget to replace the doors... not all... just the 7 toilet doors and the back door. huhu.. can you see why i get demotivated, i have not started with enhancement project, but i have to fork out budget for maintenance and replacement already *cry*

e) The community - A LOT of improvement since we moved in 2013. we have RELA security guards now and barriers made from barrel. I am ok with that.

f) jalan raya and traffic - i think it will get better in 10 years time... but more housing coming up so the traffic jam is already worst now unless if you want to take LEKAS.. for me I cant coz I will hit grandsaga or SILK which is much worst than PLUS north south highway.

2. Review on product

a) Alpha fans - we bought 5, repaired 3.

b) Deka fans - we bought 3, no repair, change remote battery saja so far after 2 years

c) sink (whatever brand we bought the other day) - all ok tak ada rosak, bocor, tahan air panas, tak sumbat etc. (penapis dia gerek kan)

d) BEKO washing machine and dryer - after 2 years and heavy duty sebab anak i 4 tiap2 hari basuh baju, weekend sampai 3 or 4 kali round, still good!

e) oven, microwave - I lupa brand nanti i update. oven pecah cermin pintu due to heat.. microwave punya paper kat dalam tu terbakar so am waiting for me to be less lazy to buy spare part. so will not recommend this brand.

f) hob and hood - lupa brand but same family with oven and microwave, hood spare part patah juga , hob one of the burner not functioning maybe sebab i malas cuci selalu so dia sumbat. also will not recommend this brand.

My lessons learnt, sometimes cheap but good concept will work but in e and f it doesnt work for me.

Most important thing : Do I have any regrets buying the house? Yes and no.

Yes sebab the space is great, we like it that we have 2 bedrooms downstairs and sometimes bila i lepak kat sofa i, i bangun, i nampak nice view macam dalam magazine... so I thankful for that, even with cheap furniture bukan Lorenzo pun i dah puas hati tengok rumah i... kalau tetiba i ada budget letak wall paper ha lagi cantik kot hihi... (yang murah pun tak ada budget cemana tu haha)..

I like my master bedroom and my small walk-in wardrobe... it gave me the feeling of what i always see in the magazine. ya, hidup ni penuh dengan teringin bila tengok... tu namanya nafsu nafsi...tapi i suka... cuma i kena letak fan kat small walk-in wardrobe tu supaya boleh lepak lama2....

Kenapa no then ek?

sebab, sometimes bila i drive pergi keja, i nampak condo modern di bangsar, tercetus perasaan, tinggal kat condo pun best gak walau kecik.... tak yah kerja teruk2 kena bayar rumah bulan2.... hahahaha...... tu je lah.....yang tak bestnya....